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Donna was born and grew up in Los Angleles, California. Very early on, three threads began weaving the tapestry that was to become her life : the threads of Fine Art, Performing Arts and Fashion.

She started drawing and painting at a very early age, and chose to major in Fine Arts at UCLA in 1964. She was fortunate to study under several well-known, painters, sculptors and graphic arts professors. At age 14, because Donna was tall and thin, she began modeling for a bathing suit company while still at school, to earn pocket money. She soon joined a local modeling agency and started doing fashion shows, photos and commercials. About that same time, Donna took a class in Fashion Design in what is now called Middle School; she was very inspired by her teacher, and thus, added fashion sketches to her drawing repertory. In that same school, her Dramatic Arts teacher, another great inspiration to her, chose her to star in a production of « Sorry, Wrong Number ». The threads had been discovered; the weaving of the tapestry began.

Wherever Donna went, be it India, the East Coast, and finally, Paris, each thread wove its way into her magic carpet, and carried her along. On her trip to India when she was only 20 she was hired to design a mini-collection, of ethnic inspiration for exportation. There, she also found herself modeling saris at the Oberoi Hotel in New Dehli.

When she moved to the East Coast in 1968, she modeled with the Ford Agency for a year, and then moved upstate, to Woodstock, where by day she created and exhibited her art; worked part-time for a leather boutique, creating and sewing up leather garments; and at night, sporadically performed in local theater productions (along with listening to some great music in the local cafés at that time!)

Similarly, in Paris, where she moved in 1975, she wound up having parallel careers in Fashion (almost every arena of that domaine : creation, commercial and High Fashion modeling), Performing Arts ( film, tv, voicework/singing,commercials modeling, and a little theater), and last but not least, Fine Arts (painting, drawiing and graphic arts).

Donna has two grown children who were born and grew up in Paris : Antoine Flandrin (a journalist) and Alexandra Flandrin (an actress).

She is currently working on a new body of work, in the Fine Arts arena, dedicated to Women. See each specific resume for more details. Contact Donna for more information on availability of artwork.