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When Donna was about fifteen, she took a Fashion Design course in what is nowadays called « Middle School » and was very inspired by her teacher. From then on, she didn't stop designing clothes, and as a fashion model, was always wearing new creations and flipping through fashion magazines. Of course, like all young women in those days, Donna had learned how to sew in « Home Economics » at school.

When she went to Europe, the first time, in 1966, she met up with a group going to India, who saw her drawings and designs while they were sitting in a café in Ibiza; they hired her to go with them to create clothes and make patterns for a minicollection. She stayed there five months, helping find precious silks and embroideries which she fashioned into designs and then patterns. Her creations were then sewn up by tailors in New Dehli and exported to boutiques in England and America.

Upon her return to California, she was hired as a fitting model for a bathing suit company, De Weese Designs. Nearby, in downtown Los Angeles, she was able to attend Fashion Trade Tech at night, to perfect her patternmaking and learn to drape fabric on the dummy. Thus, when she arrived in upstate New York in 1969, she was qualified to apply for a job at Hapiglop, a leather boutique, where she designed jackets, pants and skirts; made up patterns; and sewed up hundreds of leather garments for the next seven years.

The three main threads that make up the tapestry of Donna's life - Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Fashion – all braided themselves into a wonderful pattern when she arrived in Paris in 1975 to become a High Fashion model. While working in the High Fashion houses for ten years, Donna witnessed first-hand, all of the secrets of the High Fashion industry. Top designers draped their fabrics directly on her body, and did their fashion drawings directly in front of her, often inspired by her particular type. During innumerable fittings she was able to see, first-hand, the hand sewing secrets of the « couturiers » done in the ateliers, and she could capture how each piece of clothing was fashioned into perfection for its future client.

When, after working for Pierre Cardin for five years as a model, he gave her the opportunity to be a commercial manager for one of his deluxe ready-to-wear lines, her experience in that job for three years, was invaluable for her to become a designer and mananger of her own company in 1989. Seven years of made-to-order clothing for a private clientele, while also teaching and giving conferences on fashion was an unforgettable experience. That experience, embedded with all of the « secrets behind the couture seams » continues to be transmitted to her studentswhen she gives lectures or courses in fashion design.




2010 - 2011 - Lecturer "Behind the Seams of Fashion" - WICE - Paris XV / Cours de Stylisme – Formation Continue - Paris XVIII

1993 – 2000 - Manager and Salesperson – Deluxe-Ready-to-Wear Boutiques LUCIA / JACQUES FATH / YVES SAINT LAURENT, Paris (team animation, buying, managment of stock, merchanizing, commercial management, sales, etc)

1990 – 1996 - Professor and Lecturer – History of High Fashion, « Behind the Seams », Fashion Design, Patternmaking, Draping, commercial English (for fashion) – Parson's School of Design in Paris, Atelier Letellier, Négocia, MOD'SPE, WICE, ACW, PEG, AWG...)

1989 – 1995 - Manager and Designer – Deluxe-Ready-to-Wear Company : Donna Flandrin for BARBA CHINELLE, SARL (founder of the company / made-to-order clothing for a private clientele / creation of two collections per year with fashion shows and salons / sales of skirt collection to the House of Balenciaga / animation of manufacturing and selling teams / commercial and financial management)

1984 – 1988 - Commercial Manager (Attaché de Direction) – Deluxe-Ready-to-Wear Line : PIERRE CARDIN PRESTIGE (collections coming directly from the High Fashion line, with 25 international selling outlets / animation of the secretarial and selling teams, installation of the commercial cycle : choice and orders of the fabrics, funishings, accessories, and packaging / prospection and selling to buyers / quality control / deliveries and exportation / marketing and analysis of sales

1969 – 1975 - Patternmaker, Designer and Seamstres -Leather Goods, HAPIGLOP, NY

1966 – 1967 - Clothing Designer – LAXMI NIWAS, New Dehli, India (five months traveling in northern India for inspiration, buying of silks and embroideries, conception and patterns for a mini collection, sewn by tailors in New Dehli for exportation)